Social Graph

Social Graph provides an overview of your business network. Recognize relationships and benefit from instant access and direct interaction.

Editor's Note

We are redesigning Social Graph for Liferay Portal 7/DXP now. Meanwhile, refer to Social Graph 2.0, designed for Liferay Portal 6.2.


Social Graph is supplied with many features to present a user’s multidimensional relationships to units, organizations, sites (communities) including Liferay direct friendships. Extend your Liferay portal to an internal (B2E) and external Network (B2C, B2B).

Use Cases

  • Financial Advisory: Interactive Banking or Insurance Advisory anywhere with any means of communication.
  • Money Laundering: Coordinate international governmental power, NGO associations and financial intermediaries for investigation of tax fraud.
  • Terrorism-Fighting: Coordinate national and international Terrorism Fighting connecting all involved Security Forces.
  • B2X Communication: Multidimensional Employee, Partner and Client Organization structures in different cooperation models.
  • Military: Fixed formation or ad hoc order of battle of military units.


Social Graph greatly reduces complexity and simplifies interaction. Come on board, access and visualize your network!!
Product combination with Social Map also provided, please see


  • Visualize and navigate your - or other's network
  • Explore connections
  • Drill down to existing user and organization pages
  • Instant access and immediate interaction
  • Implement agile organization models
  • Categorize organizations
  • Discover organization structures
  • Address relationships as group and communicate
  • Customize easily and flexibly
  • New features in Liferay 7/DXP version:
    • Graph from an organization's point of view
    • Search complete database
    • Dynamic loading/combination of graphs
    • Graph driven by new library, physics engine enabled
    • Supports App Agile Org Designer (design and visualization of agile organization structures)


  • Time savings by direct P2P interaction provided
  • Complete network landscape visualized
  • Suitable for all types of organization structures
  • Empowers collaboration
  • Drastic reduction of mail traffic
  • Bridging of other portals

Social Graph 2.0 - Another Milestone

Lanquages, Documentation

• English, German (integrated help)